Are you Greeks (Yevanim) or Maccabees (Makabim)?

Mar. 08, 2010 11:15 AM ET
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No more games. Admit it – you're terrified of commitment. I believe that all those 'noble' columns written by the averaged 27 year old girl, which cannot find a groom and starts to make up a whole bunch of excuses as to why she's so satisfied with "her   alone", her inner journey, her glittering career, her watching bizarre movies all by herself, with no one demanding her to share her couch, which she inherited from her late grandmother and no one to watch an old Schwarzenegger movie with her – these are nothing more than a manipulative fiction, which blinds those girls own eyes, and no one else's eyes besides their own.

Indeed, there are those who really want it and do not find it and I wish them to find it soon. But there are those who just stamp in the swamp of illusions day after day.

And why do I choose to bring up such a sensitive subject right before Hanukah

  1. Because I keep seeing those columns and as someone who knows the subject closely, I find a great significance in peeling up this lie.


  1. B. As someone who's been studying Kabbalah for a few years now, I find that I should share with you the inner, hidden meaning of Hanukah, which explains the above situation remarkably accurately. Although the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn't deal with relationships in particular; it does indeed handle thoroughly everything which concerns the understanding of the human soul and the relations between people.

I'll begin with a question: why do all these 27-year-old-plus girls bother to justify their choice of the necessary "alone"?

Well – people often justify themselves when they don't really accept their situation. And since the small doubt keeps chewing up inside each averaged single girl, especially when she faces her long live aunts (and 'luckily' the grandmother has deceased).

In this situation, the easy way to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling, which her aunts made her feel, is to try to gather up people's voices, made up of talk-backs, which will convince her that her situation is most certainly vital and incredibly modern... But this is where the loss gets into the picture.

Our imperfection is derived mostly from one simple reason – we, the miserable people, are made up of powers which constantly pull us in two opposite directions. And this is where Hanuka blends in. Hanuka symbolizes those powers wonderfully; the powers which exist inside each and every one of us - married, single, divorced or widower.

Meet the Greeks and the Maccabees inside your heart, your brain, your feeling

The Greek is the sworn egoistic part, which if you accidently step inside his house, you will walk around very carefully not to, God forbids, move around any of his many objects. Even if you go out with him a year, you will still be very careful if you choose to make an omelet for the two of you – because this might count for a rude invasion to his Highness' - Mr. Loneliness - privacy, and you might get punished for it by being exiled to the island of demons.


He loves himself so much it's sickening, he nurtures himself and his wardrobe day and night, and the only reason he connects with the opposite sex – is to brag to everyone about another temporary acquisition, which will be an evidence for his social successfulness. But truly what the Greek wants is to stay with himself, because there's no other partner on earth to measure up to him, to his wisdom, his beauty, his baseless life philosophy. And if so, then there's no one to invest in, no one to love, no one to make sacrifices for, and there's no reason whatsoever to try to maintain the love for others. They serve him and right after they finish their job – they get thrown away into the old stuff's garbage.

This Greek exists in me and in you as well, to some extent.

The Maccabee is the part which is usually found inside every one of us, in a minority. He believes in unconditional love, without boundaries. And he doesn't only believe – he's also ready to fight for it and to overcome any obstacle. When he's far away from others, he feels cut off from life, separated, and even sick, because he knows that in the connection and in the unity – that's where happiness lies and that's where the meaning of his existence on this earth lies. That's why he goes to war even if realistically it seems lost in advance. In short, the Maccabee inside you believes in the deep powers which are inside the soul, and not in what the eye can see.


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