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Meet the Greeks and the Maccabees inside your heart.

This Greek exists in me and in you as well, to some extent.


The Maccabee is the part which is usually found inside every one of us, in a minority. He believes in unconditional love, without boundaries. And he doesn't only believe – he's also ready to fight for it and to overcome any obstacle. When he's far away from others, he feels cut off from life, separated, and even sick, because he knows that in the connection and in the unity – that's where happiness lies and that's where the meaning of his existence on this earth lies. That's why he goes to war even if realistically it seems lost in advance. In short, the Maccabee inside you believes in the deep powers which are inside the soul, and not in what the eye can see.


This Maccabee is also inside me and you, to some degree.


In between, you can find the Hellenists (Mityavnim) - inside them lies the potential to love. In the past, they believed in the same love, but they had moved to the camp of the egoistic persons, who want to give love, happiness and any other kind of pleasure only to themselves. And for that, they have countless justified explanations – they've been hurt, betrayed, they cannot give anything to others, they don't find any good reason to do so. The Hellenists are the toughest nutshell (Klipa). They know well all the excuses and wisdoms why not to get involved in a relationship. Surprisingly, it's easier to transform a lot of Greeks into lovers, than to open up the heart of one Hellenist to a connection with others.


And in case I wasn't clear enough so far, it's important to mention that according to the Kabbalah, the Greeks and the Maccabees are inner powers which reside inside of us even in nowadays and in this time. They are in a war about the choice whether to walk the road of the egoistic self-centered majority, or the road of evolution and growth, which hangs the happiness of each and every one of us in the ability to establish a good, real relation with others.


Listen to the Maccabee inside of you       


The balance of powers definitely tends to the side of the Greeks and the Maccabees, but the Maccabees don't give us a break. You know them; they go all the way towards the unknown. Therefore, inside each single 27 year old guy or girl, the Maccabee keeps demanding unity, love, connection, giving. However, all the Greeks and the Hellenists try to shut him up with their "great wisdom".


That is why I say that you should listen to our Maccabees every now and then, even though sometimes their shouting hearts, wounds, removes the seemingly-peaceful curtain from in front of our eyes, pulls us out of the swamp of mingling wuth the cold, alienated society which don't believe in any type of intimacy. The shouting of the Maccabees demand that we go to an inner war with the sophisticated numerous Greeks. And this threatens us terribly. But as history tells us – the victory is guaranteed, and it's no accident that the Maccabees were the ones who could see the jug of oil in the darkness, the same jag of oil which was hidden from the blind eyes of the Greeks; because the Maccabee finds ways to grow and to evolve even when he feels bad. The Maccabee doesn't say goodbye for a tiniest nonsense, because he knows that the meaning of happiness is only in the connection and the love between people.

Kabblah student/BA in Kabbalah in the University of Tel Aviv/BA in Judaism in Bar Ilan University

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