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Connection That Is Good For Health

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 tries to find a cure from all the illnesses. Moreover, doctors try to name any manifestations of illnesses. For example, in neuroscience, we have a lot of illnesses: paresis, paralysis, and the most terrible and seemingly hopeless - multiple sclerosis. It sounds convincing and menacing, but we know neither its reason nor treatment.
And what is the patient left with? With fear and hopelessness.

The modern Western medicine has, at its disposal, a limited number of weapons: antibiotics, hormones, drugs: against temperature, pain, nerves, insomnia, blood pressure, etc. If necessary, surgical procedures are carried out. Patients undergo chemotherapy against cancer. Is that all? Yes, that's it! Any illness is treated by these weapons. But if we want to look at the root of the problem and try to find out the real reason, then where can we get our answers from? Only from the nature.

Let’s take, for example, multiple sclerosis. It sounds like a death sentence. A man might get paralysed just hearing its name. What are the symptoms? Organs and systems do not work to the extent they should. A leg or arm is paralyzed, there is numbness in one or another part of the body, no sightseeing in one part or in the whole eye. What is the problem and what is the treatment?

We have central and peripheral nervous systems, which give commands to peripheral organs. The brain sends a signal to the arm, and it, having no proper connection, refuses to work. A signal enters the eye, but if there is no connection with the brain, a person cannot see.

Is not the same thing happening in our society? Is not this the reason for the crisis facing the humanity? The same way when, previously, a healthy body functioned normally with the help of correct connections, similarly the society could come to agreements. Today the disconnection has happened between us at all the levels.

If it is diagnosed correctly, and the reason for the breakage is in the breach of communication, then the treatment should be in restoring connections, whether it is at the family, states or bodily levels. We can numerous number of times "bomb" our body with a weapon that we have at our disposal. But it does not help anymore; hormones, antibiotics or chemotherapy....

In all eastern methods of healing there is a concept of the microcosm - macrocosm. In other words, those laws, which can be applied to the universe, work on the smallest particles, which constitute the universe. What can we learn from a healthy body? Its each organ, each cell works for the whole body and tries to connect with it, serve it, and in return it requires only what is necessary to sustain its life.

So what do we need to leave the vicious circle of mutual distrust and disunity on the background of complete interdependence?

We need to restore connections. We need mentally work on communication between the organs and systems believing in the nature’s healing power. We must make efforts and feel this connection that we lack. Only with re-established communication between organs or parts of the humanity there lays the cure for all the illnesses. Moreover, all these illnesses are there only for this and designed for us to recognize and fix broken connections.

A word can either kill or heal. This is the principle of medicine: all the drugs are poisons. The basis is how, what doses, and what intention they are used with.
We are in a position to win desperate sicknesses and the crisis, if we accept them as the condition for healing. Connect the brain cells with hand cells, as in the example with multiple sclerosis. Connect opposing structures of the society.

To do this we need our desire and the Nature’s help. The Nature is ready. So we need only our burning desire. Sense the problem in the disconnection - desire this connection, and we will be healthy!