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Fire on the Mountain and we have no Water.

|Includes: APWR, CCC-OLD, DESC-OLD, FSLR, Warren Resources, Inc. (WRES), WWAT.OB

Water is precious. Clean water is remarkably good for us. Clean Water is synonymous with LIFE. We, as in the human race are short clean drinkable water. For this reason look for desalination companies and other utilities to do my web site will  report dried up lake beds, this guy is great, he knows what he writes.. Siemens recognizes this fact and has begun making remarkable progress. So has BP, and other major companies which indicates that the crisis is only worsening. As glaciers dissapear the flow of FRESH WATER will dissappear, Canada's northern region will be an agricultural haven. There are of course cold realities to the heating of our atmospheric global tempature, the holiest river in India, the Ganges, is where people flock to pray to a goddess, who came to save the earth from DRAUGHT. Shes not coming back. India is in a rough spot so look to profit off of this. I like established companies that have infrastructure already capable of desalinization. I also like companies that will pop up which specialize in water extraction. The glaciers above the Ganges are, as of 1956 to 1962 receding, in 1965 according to a native of India, notes the complete melt down and loss of a glacier. This indicates to me we are in a cyclical heat trend exasterbated by methane release. The two are exclusive yet play perfectly to not only threaten our water supply but our lives as well. Look to profit off of this by investing in companies such as CCC. Thanks and Good Luck Mark McGrath AG

Disclosure: I am long apwr and hygsd, formerly and soon to be hygs.

Disclosure: apwr, hygsd