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Queen Of England Snubs Celine Dion As Bank Of England Head – Settles For Another Canadian

Please note: This post is satire.

To the great dismay of Queen Elisabeth II, it was discovered that the UK seems to have run out of integer personalities with a sound understanding of economics.

For the last six months, all the Queens men have been searching for a replacement to Mr. Mervyn King's, the current governor of the Bank of England. First they looked through all of the UK. Second, they scoured all of Australia. Thirdly, They searched all of the United States. In all three places the Queens trusteers were unable to find a smart trustworthy person, who understood economics.

It was not until George Osborne flippantly said, "Are they hiding in trees?" that anybody thought of Canada. However, once Canada was remembered, the job was a simple one.

Some will be surprised to learn that Mr. Carney was not the first Canadian to be offered the position. It was first offered to Mr. Brian Adams, then to the band Rush, as they were the only Canadians anyone could think of but both declined the opportunity as they had pressing performance engagements in Southern Korea.

Celine Dion was briefly mentioned but in a meeting it was agreed upon, that as the French are bad enough, a French Canadian would be unthinkable.

Mr. Osborne then had the bright idea that Canada must also have a central bank; the Bank of England could just take its chancellor.

Canada is a Commonwealth country. Appointments to both the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada are made in the name of the Queen. Therefore, the transition will be an easy one for Mr. Carney.

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