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Zevotek, Brighter, Cleaner and Getting Hot

A new twist on a well known technology may be making money for Zevotek (OTCPK:ZVTK). The introduction of an Ionic compact fluorescent bulb that cleans the air as well as lights a 100 square foot area has begun heavy marketing. 
While not necessarily an obvious innovation, this bulb’s picking up steam. A recent marketing campaign that began earlier this month seems to have brought Zevotek a large $100,000 order. 
Stock prices jumped 100% by the end of the day as volume shot through the roof. They will be shipping their bulbs to a New Delhi company wishing to market and sell the bulbs in India. These bulbs meet the electrical standards throughout India and all of Europe. This may trigger an increase in popularity, as dense city centers suffering from pollution, like New Delhi, wish to reduce pollutants in their home. 
This bulb claims to help rid the home of smoke, odor, dust, pollen and pet dander. This works similarly to the static from a television set attracting dust. The bulb uses the electricity flowing through it to create the attraction. And as all Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), the Ionic bulb uses less energy and lasts much longer than standard bulbs.
Zevotek’s angle seems to be homecare products based around new innovations. They recently won some airtime for their infomercial on some major television networks, some of which include Discovery HD, MGMHD, MSNBC, and local Fox News outlets. There are also strong multimedia marketing efforts, as seen through the Zevotek news page, through the internet, radio and in print to get word of this product to potential clients. 
ZVTK has definitely seen some major gains today as a result of their products and marketing success. There may be more to come considering infiltration into foreign markets and continued expansion of their marketing campaign. 
To see Zevoteks Ionic Bulb commercial, click here