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Magna Carta Holy Grail

|Includes: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB)

Magna Carta Holy Grail. Anytime we see a new product being referred to as the "Holy Grail" by an esteemed financial newspaper we sit up and take notice.

Ladies and Gentlemen put KBLB on radar as we have seen unbelievable attention being paid to spider silk as a thread fabricated with the tensile strength of steel. The superior properties of spider silk are well known, however there was no known way to produce the fiber in commercial quality as spiders are cannibalistic and cannot be raised in concentrated colonies. Until now and Monster Silk™.

I am pleased to bring you what has been described by the Wall Street Journal as "the Holy Grail in biomimicry" a biocompatible ultra high performance fiber, such as Monster Silk™.

Monster Silk™ has been featured as Textile World's "Quality Fabric of the Month."

The National Academy of Sciences has published a scientific article about KBLB, spider silk and Monster Silk™.

Biocompatible ultra high performance fibers seem to be a red hot sector of late with Architect Magazine featuring a story on it this week as well.

This Holy Grail, is a silkworm transformed with spider silk genes which spins Composite Silk fibers with improved mechanical properties. The applications for Monster Silk™ range from bullet proof vests to biocompatible wound closures.

Now what if I were to tell you that the Company bringing you the Holy Grail in this red hot sector is in commercial production and trading under a dime!!!! Yes that's right under a dime. Well without further ado here is Kraig Biocraft Labs.

Kraig Biocraft Labs has created and developed in the laboratory an industrial production platform for recombinant spider silk called Monster Silk™ this particular spider silk that they've been aiming to produce is stronger and tougher than steel.

We have been following KBLB for years and have seen numerous exciting milestones reached more importantly we have seen a CEO who has delivered on his business plan time and time again. In following KBLB for years I cannot help but notice how strong September has been for them in years past. When you combine that with commercial production beginning I expect spider silk and KBLB to shoot to the stars.

We saw a milestone reached on July 15th!!! KBLB announces the launch of commercial production of spider silk. The pilot production program was a success and KBLB has taken the next step; commercial production.

As the commercial production ramps up we look for the exciting releases to ramp up as well. I look for exciting releases on new product lines and uses, new clients and breakthroughs in customizable fibers. This increased activity should bring it home for my readers, as I have often said increased activity leads to increased news, which leads to increased exposure which leads to increased cash for my readers.

The upside does not stop with the commercial production of Monster Silk. The generation three technology, which KBLB defines as including customizable fibers and fibers which incorporate unique attributes, such as antibiotics, is next in the R & D rotation after the development of Gen 2. The medical applications alone are mind boggling. Plus KBLB has a proven record in taking these R&D technologies to commercialization.

There is no telling how high this one goes. What I do know is now is an excellent time to lock in a serious position and go for a nice fall ride. We are looking for numerous positive news releases in the upcoming months so get in now and enjoy the ride.

KBLB announced last week the launch of its entirely new website I urge you all to take a look. As always do your homework read the filings, read the press releases and check out the new website.

With KBLB under a dime I urge my readers to move NOW.

Hop on board now before the first sale is announced, before KBLB announces its first client, before KBLB announces exciting new products and benefit from these announcements by taking advantage of today's price and look in a real position today!!!!


Read the KBLB Disclaimer here