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Monster Silk™ Commercial Production Is To Commence!

|Includes: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is GO TIME. We have been following the exciting developments at KBLB for years. We have seen exciting lab breakthroughs and the related press conferences, we have seen innovations that blew away our imagination. However now we have reached the point where the rubber meets the road COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION.

This could not come at a better time recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Architect don't get you excited, the Commercial Production sure should.

"The successful scale-up to commercial production is a significant milestone for any company," continued Thompson, "and, considering the importance we place on Monster Silk, I have to agree that this is a momentous step for Kraig. It is especially exciting because we are creating what we believe will be the world's first commercial scale production of recombinant spider silk."

A momentous step and significant milestone the world's first commercial scale production of recombinant spider silk. Now is the time to move on KBLB and to lock down a serious position before the successful commercial production run is completed, before news breaks of potential products and clients.

This is why I love biotech the possibilities are amazing. We know that Monster Silk is stronger than the fiber described in the National Academy of Sciences' Article. How strong the commercial production run is and what the applications are I don't know but I am extremely excited.

Consider the possibilities for the first commercial scale production of recombinant spider silk a product that KBLB is aiming to be stronger and tougher than steel. The possibilities are limitless.

There is even more on the horizon in addition to Monster Silk KBLB is in a very advanced stage of development of the next generation of spider silk polymers, which is essentially not a fusion polymer as created with the "Monster Silk", but something more along the lines of a purer spider silk polymer composed entirely or almost entirely of spider silk proteins. KBLB also believes that it has significantly accelerated our development of the generation three technology, which essentially is a customizable polymer. A fiber to which KBLB can customize, depending upon the requirements and specifications of an end customer.


Historically, Kraig has rallied behind news and events, and at this time of year but Commercial production should set new valuations at higher levels.

Once KBLB has a product and sales, the game has changed. I fear the days of getting in at these levels may be over. I urge you to hit the books read the press releases, review the filings, read the latest articles and lock down a serious position and tell your Grandkids you were behind Monster Silk™.

KBLB is currently commencing the world's first commercial scale production of recombinant spider silk. Take a look at the charts and jump on board after reviewing the information I think you will agree that getting in under a quarter is amazing.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is GO TIME. Historically our readers who get in the quickest make the most money.


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