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The world's uranium industry is overdue for a renaissance

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Growing demand for industrial power among developing nations is said by more than one expert to be fueling a potential renaissance for nuclear energy. But like any investor, I want to know just how big that renaissance is going to be.  Are we talking exponential growth over the next thirty years, or a flat double in consumption? Or a triple ... or what?
Nuclear power is an energy story but also a mining story because it comes from uranium which like gold and copper is found in deposits which must be located and mapped and measured and mined. So that grabs my interest on the materials side of the business.
Because I invest primarily in exploration projects, I need to know just how big  the aforementioned power demand is, and how imminient it is, and whether it's likely to fuel a staking rush in my lifetime.
At a uranium conference unfolding right now in Australia it's being reported that China’s electricity production, a key driver of the industry in Oz, is scheduled to reach between 2 TW and 3 TW by 2050.
Current electricity production in the entire world currently stands at about 2 TW...
So I would say that exponential is indeed the word to describe future growth in demand.
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