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A New Low In Tesla Sell-Side Pumping? Another TSLA Perma-Bull Analyst "Happens" To Land A Job There...

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

Back in June 2016, right after one prominent TSLA perma-pumper writing for financial retail website jumped ship and (very briefly) landed a job at Tesla IR (discussed in detail here), I posted this sarcastic poll on Twitter:

Well, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

Andrea S James - one of the four choices in the poll - now consults for (some quotes even say "works for") Tesla.

Full credit to E. W. Niedermeyer for unearthing this fact on Twitter:

Analyst gives Tesla $500 price target in April [2016], starts working at Tesla IR in September [2016]


That's pretty amazing to me even by Tesla analyst sell-side standards - let's remember my poll in June 2016 was nothing but a sarcastic joke.

A few quotes from 2016 to put her job change into context:

* April 2016:"Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Fetches Street-High, $500 Price Target at Dougherty"

(...)"Dougherty & Co reiterated a Buy rating on Tesla Motors with a Street-high price target of $500.00 (prior $355.00). Yesterday Tesla unveiled its Model 3 and booked over 150,000 reservations. Analyst Andrea James described the event as "history making." "


* November 2016 (that's the date when the following article was posted online, she apparently started working there in September 2016):

"Working in investor relations for Tesla Motors gives Andrea James, Investor Relations Associate/Consultant, a front row seat for groundbreaking changes in the ways that people drive and live."


A mere 3 to 6 months in between changing jobs / the two quotes!

Andrea S James was not just another TSLA analyst.

She was widely quoted from 2010 (since before the IPO) until 2016 in financial articles, including many appearances on CNBC and on TSLA conference calls.

I'm certainly not the only one having noticed her soft-ball questions to Elon Musk and other Tesla executives on these conference calls - it all makes sense looking backwards, doesn't it?

Some of her questions on these calls even sound (pre-)fabricated given her CV changes in 2016, like a bad movie script - including BS answers from Tesla in the form of "Glad you asked that important question, Andrea...".

Andrea also was (along with auto analyst Adam Jonas from MS, others [2015] and myself [Feb 2014] covered his shenanhigans of raising PTs days before TSLA started yet another capital round - among the prominent underwriters was a certain MS) one of the most bullish TSLA analysts out there - I can't remember a higher PT among Wall Street names. Her $500 PT for TSLA was (and still is) sky-high.

PS: I just noticed @AndreaSJames blocked me on Twitter. Thanks a lot, Andrea! Looking at her work ethics as an "independent" analyst (see the various quotes and links above) I view this as a badge of honor.

Disclosure: I am/we are short TSLA.

Additional disclosure: If / when TSLA breaks out above $240 I will patiently wait and add to my short position, maybe also via long-dated LEAP Puts.