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An Update on the Recent Press & Impending Events

|Includes: Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RCPI)


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A Stock for the Ages – Maybe? Likely!


Part A:

Part B to follow shortly...


An Update on the Recent Press & Impending Events 


Plus - Two important studies that I understand are complete and results are due to be published at any moment.  (In part B)


First note that the number of instutitional holders of (CIGX) is up to 111 from about 90 from the last reporting period.


On Tuesday, 8/9/2011 Star Scientific released their 10Q with some updates on their multiple and compelling themes. Therefore I thought I would bring you up to speed on what I see and hear is on the horizon.


The press announcement amplified and updated progress on CigRx® , Anatabloc™, The Flint Study, a new trial that will explore the role of (RCP-006) / Anatabloc™  in smokers who also have elevated CRP blood levels, and  a new study on thyroid disease conducted at the University of Pisa, Medical School, Pisa, Italy.


The press release also referenced the new data re the testing at the Roskamp Institute demonstrating the remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of RCP-006 in comparison to NSAIDs in whole human blood.

Importantly, Star formally announced newly released information on their second dietary supplement, brand-named Anatabloc™ and the product launch saying; “Star anticipates this product will be launched before the end of Q3.”

So, we will know much more about the Anatabloc™ rollout very shortly. Not much has been said to-date by Star about Anatabloc™, but the press release did say that, “Anatabloc™ contains anatabine citrate in a form that is similar to the RCP-006 research compound, together with other dietary ingredients. It will be introduced to the market via a dedicated website where online purchases can be made, and a toll-free number also will be available for telephone orders. InVentiv representatives also will undertake a program to introduce Anatabloc™ to health care providers in the Richmond, Virginia region.”


I believe that the market potential for this product could be immense. Famed science author and economist Patrick Cox of Breakthrough Technologies has suggested that the “impact of this compound will be unfathomable for society at large”, and said the reduction of NF-kB proteins will increase the average lifespan significantly


Re CigRx®: Things are popping with the roll-out of the Star lozenge that reduces the urge to smoke. During Q2 InVentiv significantly grew product awareness of CigRx® in the Richmond, Virginia test region by;  increasing event marketing,  increasing their infomercial airings, adding radio spots, opening an purchase portal, setup a variety of wellness-focused events in the region and increased the detailing of CigRx® to health care professionals in the area.


As part of their national rollout of CigRx® strategy, InVentiv is now opening up marketing of CigRx® in the northeastern US corridor in seven states through a partnership with Pine State Trading Company. CigRx® is now available in roughly 300 stores across Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York State in chains that include Big Apple, Champlain Farms and Gibbs Oil. InVentiv representatives will follow with introduction of CigRx® to health care professionals in the region.


As of today the total number of visitors who "like" the CigRx® Facebook page has increased to over 61,000. Thats up from around 20,000 in June.

Re the Flint Study: Overseen by the Roskamp Institute, the study is a multi-site, 250-300 subject, twelve-week protocol clinical trial that began in May. Subjects begin the protocol as they are enrolled, and this process is ongoing. The study examines the role that RCP-006 / Anatabloc™ plays in individuals with elevated blood levels of C - reactive protein [CRP], known to be a marker for inflammation. Elevated blood levels of CRP are strongly predictive of the future risk of heart attack, stroke, sudden cardiac death as well as the development of peripheral arterial disease.

Star also announced that two (2) new human trials examining the role of RCP-006 / Anatabloc™ are currently are being prepared:


One of these studies, involving subjects with symptoms of thyroid disease, will be conducted at the University of Pisa Medical School, Pisa, Italy. Star expects this trial to get underway in Q4 2011. From what I understand the study comprises 500 participants who have recently completed another thyroid study at the University Medical School. 


The other trial will explore the role of RCP-006 in smokers who also have elevated CRP blood levels, and it will be conducted late in this quarter.


View the Roskamp Institute's home page,


I have bought shares of Star Scientific in the open market and have no other affiliation with the company than as a shareholder.


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