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(GLYE) Signs Deal #3* – Connect THESE Dots, And Project... Update On - A Potential 10 Bagger & A 2012 Best Idea

|Includes: GlyEco, Inc. (GLYE)

Dr. John L. Faessel


Commentary and Insights

Update on - A Potential 10 Bagger & a 2012 Best Idea

(OTCPK:GLYE) Signs Deal #3* - Connect THESE dots, and project...


Four (4) very recent SEC 8-K filings tell the story of: 3 acquisition deals and the release of the company's PowerPoint Presentation, plus a 1-page 'Snapshot' disclosing financial projections. Details below.*

The quick elevator story: Renowned industry professional John Lorenz has started a new roll-up venture aimed at the $25 billion market for waste glycol.** Lorenz was involved in the immensely successful roll-up of what morphed into $16 billion market-cap Waste Management (NYSE:WM). Astonishingly, the business went from $2 million in revenues to $14 billion in 7 years. GlyEco's patent-pending technology transforms a hazardous waste into high quality recycled glycols which can be sold into a huge hungry market. The sales average price of ethylene glycol in 2011 was approximately $5.69 per gallon. There are an estimated 700 million gallons of waste glycol "feedstock" which could be recycled each year just in the USA. These metrics scream of big revenue and profits.

The Profit Proposition: According to last Wednesday's press release, (OTCPK:GLYE) plans to increase processing capability in New Jersey to 10 million gallons per year during the installation of its patent-pending GlyEco Technology™. My analysis indicates that the company will reach the break-even point at about 1 million gallons. Consider that waste glycol feedstock is almost free, and in some cases - i.e. in Europe - users pay for disposal.

After installation of GlyEco Technology™ equipment, New Jersey will produce the highly sought after Type 1 (ASTM E1177 Spec) recycled material - indistinguishable from newly produced glycol. Key here is that right now (OTCPK:GLYE) is can sell Type 1 product for over $4.50 a gallon. Glycol sales prices are on the rise, while (OTCPK:GLYE) processing costs stay relatively constant. One can grasp the huge EBIT. In time, I believe that the company will kick-out a big dividend due to the huge free cash flow.

From (OTCPK:GLYE)'s just released Snapshot:

· Year one EPS projected at $.40 a share

· Fragmented market (32 available domestic companies - 12 acquisition targets)

· Total available market in the USA $3.5 billion

· Projected revenue 2012 - $6 million

· Projected revenue 2013 - $48 million

· Projected revenue 2014 - $73 million

I believe that we will soon see (OTCPK:GLYE) complete additional and numerous other acquisitions along the lines just laid out. My prediction is for deals - soon - in both the USA and globally. Management has said that it has already identified potential customers and developmental partners in Europe, Asia, India, Mexico, South America, and Australia.

Now about the 3 new deals:

The two most recent deals are binding purchase agreements and one is an outright asset purchase. In addition: the PowerPoint and Company Snapshot "with projections" are beyond compelling...

Below see the three (OTCPK:GLYE) Acquisition Deals, the links to the SEC 8-K docs, and today's press releases:

1. March 27, 2012

· GLYECO, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Other Events

EDGAR Online - On March 22, 2012, GlyEco, Inc., a Nevada corporation, entered into a preliminary agreement (the "Preliminary Agreement") with MMT Technologies, Inc., a Florida corporation.

2. March 22, 2012

· GLYECO, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Other Events

EDGAR Online - On March 16, 2012, GlyEco, Inc., a Nevada corporation, entered into a preliminary agreement (the "Preliminary Agreement") with Full Circle Manufacturing Group, Inc., a New Jersey corporation.

3. February 7, 2012

· GlyEco Announces Acquisition of Glycol Recycler Recycool

Marketwire - On Tuesday 2/7/2012, GlyEco, Inc., a Nevada corporation, announced it has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire certain assets of Recycool, Inc.

4. March 28, 2012

Links to last Wednesday's press release re Deal #2 & Slide Presentation and Company Snapshot

· GlyEco Completes Purchase Agreement with Full Circle Manufacturing

· GLYECO, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Regulation FD Disclosure, Financial Statements and Exhibits

* All of these transactions are just the beginning. GlyEco plans explosive growth by acquiring existing profitable recyclers. These strategically located facilities will be upgraded with patent-pending GlyEco Technology™ resulting in increased production capacity, better product quality and greater profitability. The company expects to expand both the customer base and geographical reach at each location.

My counsel is to keep this story front and center on your screen and track the news flow carefully. Management experience, breakthrough technology, market size where intrinsic demand and built-in supply is of staggering proportions, plus high estimates of EBIT make this a picture of planets in alignment that happens only rarely. Profitability looks to be enormous. Opportunity knocks for ground floor participation!

** Worldwide consumption of refinery-produced ethylene glycol is projected to beat a staggering 5 billion gallons per year. Growth is projected to top 350 Million gallons each year for the next decade, with demand consistently exceeding supply.

I'll have more on this exceptional opportunity in further reports.

For more information, visit the (OTCPK:GLYE) website: