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In my previous articles (at my blog) i have made it clear that qe is having very little effect to cure economic ills.

The world's money managers (RATS) are now worried, as to when the Global Economy will start to recover. Thus 'RISK ON' is not gaining traction no matter how much money is being thrown at the problems.

Commodities, Equities & Real Estate are unable to gather enough interest to propel them above previous highs. All are showing signs of a 'dead cat bounce'. Earnings are loosing luster and future earnings' guidance is barely acceptable. Thanks to the deflationary-stagflation.

In this environment, Money is being safely parked in the US Treasury markets. Huge amounts. Pressure is building up at the dam.

If none of their last resort economic policies (money printing) are going to work, then it will mean confidence in the issuer of fiat currency will soon fail. The only way they can keep this rocket from stalling and falling is via extreme money printing. And that too will never work !

Either the global money managers have not realized this fact already,

OR they are not being allowed to enter the true safe-haven shelter of 'GOLD'.

OR They are scared of that thought, as they know that there are Quadrillions of RATS in the room eyeing the small exit door to the safe-haven of GOLD. If they OPENLY stampede towards that door, chances are that hardly 1% will be able to get out safely! So their only option is to secretly advance towards that door, before the others realize. (Remember there is about 170,000 MT of GOLD above ground valued today at around 10 Trillion US$, against Quadrillions of Fiat Dollars inside the real & derivatives system).

Therefore US Treasuries/Bond markets will never signal this 'dam break' until the VERY LAST MOMENT. Thus it is futile to watch the bond markets for this signal. The Gold rocket will blast off within a few seconds of this event.

The gold paper price manipulators are under heavy attack as the 'SMART RATS ' are secretly leeching away whatever physical gold can be obtained without attracting attention!


Disclosure: I am long GLD. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.