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AAPL Iron Condor Spread To Benefit From Any Moves This Week And Next

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Here we go -- I have now open

1 slightly bearish broken wing iron condor debit spread 490/495/500/510 expiry this Friday, value today about $2.50

1 slightly bullish iron condor spread plus 1 bull-call spread making it

+2x530/-2x535/-1x555/+1x560 calls expiry Dec-28 4th weekly options. value today about $2.70

Hoping for a significant swing either way - including bottom of bear market already called. Any basked that gets nicely into the money will be closed.

Max value of any spread $10.00 (but not together)

Will likely not keep until expiration.

If there is no significant price movement I will close for a loss by Friday early trading session.

Edit: Disclosure: I have the spread actually open as described.