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Penny Stock Outlook By

The popularity of has lead to several questions being raised. For instance, investors have been asking on how exactly continually makes such excellent penny stock picks that almost always hit their target.

The truth lies in the quality of the penny stock analysis conducted by the market researchers at We simply do not take press releases and news reports at face value. Each news item put out is analyzed against the company performance and an in-house verification is done on the claims put out by the company in question. Only when press reports or claims match up with our own analysis, do the small cap stocks for dummies make it to our best penny stock picks subscription list.

No one beats on the quality and consistency of its best penny stock picks analysis. Every market researcher at is a master at his job and good at weeding out duds from the gems.

Using fundamental techniques that most market researchers seem to have long forgotten, our penny stock market research team discovers value where others might see none. These penny stocks go on to out-shine and out-perform more popular awesome penny stocks tips.

Every time a financial report is put out, the market research team at performs due diligence checks to ensure the accuracy of the financials. Based on the finding, a future 'earning potential graph' is plotted. This graph depends on the strengths of the company and its match up with existing and future market potential.

Penny stocks that may have come out with weak financials but have strong future potential are classified as sleeper penny small cap stock recommendations and subscribers of the best penny stock picks subscription list are encouraged to buy and hold these penny stocks.

Our penny stocks under 5 market analyses would be incomplete without an examination of historical trading action. Any pump and dump action that might have happened in the past, is revealed when we examine the penny stock's historic trading action.

The market research team at also takes into account other factors including the company's own promotional activity - advertisements and social networking. We also look that the personnel at the helm and their past performances. This helps us factor in the 'human element'.

It is our adherence to these meticulous efforts that helps put out such excellent Best Penny Stocks list for dummies week after week and create such an outstanding record.

For just a few dollars, you too can avail of the excellent Penny Picks Alerts subscription list created by; your profit booking is just a subscription list away. Enroll today and watch your portfolio grow in quality and value.

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