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Penny Stock Prediction 2013

Predicting how a penny stock will move is to an extent, like playing roulette. We dig and analyze the known factors and try and predict how it will influence the stock. In the end however, there are simply too many unknown factors that can influence a stock and either boost it (contrary to predictions) or raise it to dizzying heights. Human factor is always unpredictable. If a company is doing badly the management will always try and rectify the situation. Outsiders have no way of knowing what the management is planning and what, if anything, will work and what will not. Coming up with a penny stock prediction for 2013 is like predicting where the ball will come to rest on the roulette wheel.

Gambling aside, sometimes, it's easy enough to put two and two together and accurately predict what will happen. For example, a company might be scheduled to go into production in the first quarter of the financial year and if this by good fortune coincides with a new law that is very likely to be passed that might be favorable to the company, then it's easy enough to match these two and draw up a penny stock prediction for 2013 on what will happen to certain stocks which at the moment, might not be worth much.

Again, the unknown elements are like a minefield out there and predicting a stock reaction is the equivalent to charting a path through the minefield. Some penny stock predictions for 2013 will go 'boom' will others will work wonderfully well. Last year I remember, we not only made many accurate stock predictions, we even predicted that Barack Obama would beat Romney but only just.

Here then is our list of penny stock predictions for 2013:

ProGaming Platforms (PPTF.OB) is likely to conquer new grounds in 2013. The company develops software for the online gaming market. It helps automate recording of scores and making of monetary payouts. The system is compatible with most of the current games available online and also, is easily implemented. Aggressive marketing also leads us to believe that this company will grow in strength in 2013.

Bebida Beverage Co. (OTCPK:BBDA)

Bebida Beverage Co. has been in the market for all of one year and all considered, hasn't done too badly. Their gross first-year profit of half million, sits well given that they launched at a time when the economy was still in the stages of recovery. We predict that this company will grow in strength in 2013 and that their profits will rise further.

Buckingham Exploration Inc. (OTC:BUKX)

On the verge of acquiring gold exploration rights in Indonesia; a country known to have strong potential for the metal, BUKX could be sitting pretty on the next big splash in the Penny stock world. The area that is being allocated to BUKX already has several small mining companies that are already successfully mining gold.

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