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$CTLE Is A Pump And Dump

|Includes: Nano Labs Corp. (CTLE)

$CTLE is a Pump and Dump here is why.

  1. $CTLE initiated a 25:1 forward split that cleared on May 12, 2012
  2. This led to insiders having 103,125,000 FREE TRADING SHARES
  3. No coincidence that a paid promotion has followed
  4. November 11th 2012 was compensated $675,000 see picture below) to pump $CTLE



As you can see there was little trading action prior to November 11, 2012. This is why the insiders paid to promote $CTLE. They are paid to bring in suckers so the insiders have someone to sell their shares too.

It is just a shame that the pumpers have brought in alot of suckers. These suckers will get crushed when the dump occurs as the insiders selling their free trading shares laugh all the way to the bank!

CTLE has little to no assets and at these levels the company is valued at $250,000,000+ .

Shares Outstanding 204,125,000

Current Price: $1.48



Promoters Track Record.

Rocketalerts last pump was $BION which went from pump highs of $1.80 to lows of .02 couple months later. BION currently trades around .05

$CTLE future fate is most likely the same. $CTLE is a pump and dump that will slowly dump into the ground in the next few months. Do not go down with the ship, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.



Never invest in a pump and dump!

Disclosure: I am short CTLEE.PK.