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Mythology across the Aegean Sea as told by CDS


It was perhaps many thousands of years ago when King Aegeus of of Athens threw himself into the water after (mistakenly) believing Theseus, his heir to the throne, had died in battle trying to kill the Minotaur, a half-man half-bull headed ancient figure on the island of Crete. Ever since that (mis)adventure, the waters between Greece and Turkey have been called the Aegean Sea in remembrance of this event.

As ancient myths and stories of the past still live on in the year 2010, people can only imagine what kind of stories and events of today will be remembered by the people of the year 50,000. One contender could be the legacy of current Greek President Karolos Papoulias who may (jokingly) consider jumping into the sea if his Prime Minister George Papandreou is unable to contain and kill off all the (financial) attacks on the Hellenic Republic. Descendants of Greece (if they survive) may well talk of the crisis their country went through “back in 2010″ and the “successful efforts of their leaders in combating problems” while across the sea descendants in Turkey (if they remember) talk about the “myth of crisis that faced the region as told by the Greeks was all just a mirage and nothing to worry about.” What a difference a trip across an ancient sea can make.

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