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PureFunds Co-Founder Chanin On Natural Resource ETFs

|Includes: GEMS, MSXX, PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF (SILJ)

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At The ETF Store, we've long championed building highly diversified portfolios that include asset classes other than just traditional stocks and bonds. While stocks and bonds will likely serve as the foundation for your portfolio, exposure to real estate, broad based commodities, and gold - to name a few - can offer diversification benefits and serve as good inflation hedges. On our most recent radio broadcast, we explained how exchange traded products have made it easier than ever to access these alternative investments, particularly commodities and natural resources. There are now over 150 exchange traded products in the commodity and natural resource space, with new and innovative products regularly coming to market. One ETF provider offering inventive solutions in the natural resource sector is PureFunds, whose founder - Andrew Chanin - joined us on the show to discuss their unique lineup of ETFs. Andrew also offered his thoughts on the pros and cons of investing in the stocks of companies involved in a commodity versus the commodity itself.

In our weekly market update, we provided the latest on the debt ceiling drama in Washington and examined the most likely outcomes (hint: prepare to do this all over again at the beginning of next year). In our ETF spotlight segment, we highlighted the PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF (ticker SILJ), the first pure play ETF to hold silver explorers and junior silver miners. Launched late last year, SILJ holds smaller cap companies looking to find the next big silver deposit and then produce that silver. If you're concerned about inflation or the devaluation of the US dollar and/or if you think the economy will continue to grow, silver could perform well and junior silver miners can function as a levered play on silver. Learn more about SILJ and other PureFunds ETFs by visiting