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New Article in China with mention of CHBT

The article is about the general problem of China-based RTOs. But there is a portion connecting BDO and CHBT, with another quote from the Chinese forensic accountant "Summer Grass."

 As translated from Google:


In mainland China has been called "virtual earnings killer" summer grass accountants, can not help but double gold in Shanghai, biological (NASDAQ: CHBT) case shot.1 He analyzed that the Hong Kong accounting firms BDO (BDO hongkong) audit report problems.

 "These repeated audit issues arise, it is very difficult technical barriers, even if the bank statement can be false, the auditor if the due diligence, you can also find the second audit."  Summer grass told this reporter.

 According to incomplete statistics, Deloitte also caught Global China Insurance (CISG) of the financial dispute; KPMG (KPMG) is Zengyin resignation multiple water problems; Ernst & Young (E & Y) is Ereli Tektronix (OTCPK:CAGC) dismissal; PwC Road (NYSEARCA:PWC) to the customer, "tens of billions" (OTC:SBAY) questioned the resignation could not escape. BDO ranked fifth in the world is plunged into a controversial double gold Shanghai Bio (OTC:CHBT).

You can find the article in Chinese here:
and here:

1. This may refer to the blog by Xia Cao (which google translates as "Summer Grass"), translated here: