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Qihoo's "Backdoor" Suspicions Erupt In User Backlash

|Includes: QIHOO 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (QIHU)

Rumors and mistrust have been dogging Qihoo recently. Articles have been coming out daily.

Here are some excerpts from one I had translated:

"Qihoo 360's BackDoor Problem Erupts Again, Online Community Crying Foul"

Source document: here.
[huawei connection with qihoo sets off public concern]

"Recently, Qihoo 360 has made high profile announcements regarding their entry into the domain of smartphones via a partnership with Huawei--in reality, a scheme to gain entry into the mobile internet market by having their software pre-installed on Huawei cell phones. However, Qihoo 360's long-standing infamy for its "backdoor" has caused Huawei phones under the partnership to suffer from the negative affiliation. Today, Qihoo 360's backdoor problem has once again come to the surface and is receiving much attention from the online community.

"Qihoo CEO Zhou Hongyi previously introduced the profit model behind Qihoo 360's phone software: "Our software is installed on the phone. There is a browser, a store... All of this earns money, and we share revenues with our vendor partners. We are all in a symbiotic relationship." However, internet users saw through this immediately and are now pointing fingers, saying it is a brazen attempt to install a "backdoor" onto users' cell phones."

[deal resurrects memories of the case made against Qihoo by "Rising"]

"A so-called "backdoor" is a channel for "special" purposes, intentionally added to the software during coding. Most "malware" have one or more backdoors added during the coding process which are then used to steal users' information and illegally insert advertisements, Trojan horses, and so on.

In 2010, antivirus-maker Rising, having a rout at the hands of Qihoo, announced to the press that Qihoo 360's software contained a "backdoor." Soon afterward, Rising also made public Qihoo 360's software decompilation code, which was used by numerous experts in the industry to prove that Qihoo 360's backdoor did in fact exist, inciting a large number of media outlets to begin following the story.

"Admission that a piece of software contains a backdoor is tantamount to admitting the software is malware, so even though a large number of software engineers had proven the existence of the code, Qihoo 360 denied that their software contained a backdoor.

[has Zhou lost control of the message?]
"Netizens, however, are just not buying it. And Zhou Hongyi, too, is unwilling to let things continue to unravel as they are. Previously, when Qihoo 360 was installed on computers, confidence among the installed base was all but destroyed. The negative impact of the backdoor not only caused all of Qihoo's partners to take to the hills, it caused Qihoo 360 to become an "untrustworthy company" in the eyes of netizens."

The following articles are Google translated:

Huawei, based on unpredictable reason to cancel with 360
2012-06-01 14:51:00 Source: Qianlong

 Recently, media reports said 360 or change with Amagatarai phone, previously hype storm Huawei Qihoo 360 special for the machine "program is about abortion.   Qihoo 360 reasons why cancel As for Huawei, no official response, but according to industry analysts, the incident unpredictable reason is Huawei to maintain its own brand, and not want wedding dress for others.   Huawei as international brands, broke out the back door of a built-in software that could allow malicious chargeback event, its brand is immeasurable, Qihoo 360 reputation in this area happens to have been very loud. Huawei perhaps for reasons of their own brand protection "lost single-car".   Qihoo 360 did not give up the spoiler field of smart phones plan, reportedly, the second a day language phone special for the machine with the touch screen of 4.3 inch IPS material and dual-core processor, the outer layer attached to the gorilla glass.


The users Tucao: smart install Qihoo 360 phone assistant poisoning
2012-06-08 18:33 Source: HC360 Network Print Close
  Recently, the debate on smart phones is loud and clear, thanks to web2.0 is giving a lot of problems will emerge directly on smartphone software, the system online, I recently visit the machine Feng Forum was shocked to see a smartphone install malicious software led to chargeback of Tucao paste, which is dragged to the nearest storm protagonist Qihoo 360.
  In the wrote The friends Tucao, Qihoo 360 Mobile Assistant download a month ago to install the software toxic. So view sp details of a single, did not know made a more than 200 text messages, who dozens of fraud charges.
  Rampant malware already lice do not bite things, but I find shocking is that two things: cause malicious chargeback software even deep speculation, rumors of the odd tiger 360. Another point in the Ministry of Industry and expressly prohibited the new regulations preset in the phone malicious software muzzle on Qihoo 360 even glamorous as the new regulations as nothing!
  But then I thought, Qihoo 360 chairman Mr. Zhou Hongyi not afraid of new regulations is not one or two days. Some time ago, the law of the court judgment can not Chennai Mr. Zhou Hongyi He, not to mention the administrative requirements of the Ministry of almost?

"Qihoo 360 altered the idea of ​​playing free card zero profit phone is approved trap

: Qianlong Author : Anonymous Editor : the pxq updated: 2012 Jun 07  [Font: big in small】
  A few days ago, has always been the name of free banner Qihoo 360 and then a style all their own, Pirates of the world again " zero profit mobile phone bullying name. As Qihoo 360 CEOs Zhou Information Times interview that, each thousands of smart phones at least earn $ 500 to $ 800 . Therefore, users have angrily denounced the zero profit of 360 said the phone is a beautiful lie."

"Qihoo 360 back door into a "time bomb"
2012-06-07 17:39:05 Source: Changjiang Daily User Comments (0)
Qihoo 360 is not compatible with the means has become an open secret, however unexpected, Qihoo 360 is not compatible with the recent war seems to be the crazy state, recently, someone broke the news Qihoo 360 customer service told him that Qihoo 360 refused to adaptation the millet phone, the millet phone If you have installed Qihoo 360, the inevitable restart crashes and other phenomena. Coincidentally, in addition to the longer adaptation millet mobile phones, Qihoo 360 links to other enterprises, blocked itools aroused each other angry counterattack, Qihoo 360 non-stop to continue to the Jinshan cheetah browser included in the disabled list, and some even, odd Tiger 360 has begun and the Microsoft Win8 not compatible! Qihoo 360 news recently quite Throughout Zhou headache: the first long-term back door, triggering rumors that Huawei refuse to cooperate, although the odd tiger strong rumor, but users of its long-term spit but always the product behavior puzzled . Blocked mobile Internet entrepreneurs can not endure the anger opened fire"


"Zhou mobile Internet strategy, the first step in chess a message has been defeat, we can not help but want to see Zhou also do what. Zhou said: "I do the software in the phone, browser, store, this is to make money, we split with the manufacturer, we have established a symbiotic relationship."
  Cell phone pre-installed software, and then deduct the user traffic and advertising, this phone has a better know the name of: "chargeback machine" or called "back door machine.
  Zhou However, there is no proud too long, the Ministry of Industry has also issued new regulations, the requirements shall not be preset in the terminal such as smart phones contain malicious code; without the user's prior permission to collect, modify user information; unauthorized terminal communication function is called, resulting in flow-consuming costs incurred, and information disclosure.
  Deductions and backdoor by intelligent machines to make money? This is not just hooliganism is clearly the beginning illegal."

[And another]

Zhou habits to the industry defines as smoke bombs, but the odd tiger 360 recent storm might make him a little tired, that they are not careful to disclose own model and the analogy of the Amazon: Amazon Tablet PC is 0 profit negative profit, and Amazon do not care about the Tablet PC itself how much money, but each user's ARPU of about $ 200. " The so-called ARPU is the average revenue per user (ARPU-AverageRevenuePerUser). The ARPU focused on a period of time operators of the profits from each user. Qihoo 360 obviously not the operator, he how from the mobile phone users to grab profits it? See here, a lot of people should be aware of, namely, the so-called "chargeback machine" is also. There are more careful users "chargeback machine" provides another way out, namely the sale of user privacy. Qihoo 360 the back door of fame, wanted to come as no surprise.

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