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US QIHU Investors Disconnect With China Qihoo Users & Reporters

|Includes: QIHOO 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (QIHU)

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd (NYSE:QIHU)

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Daily News on Qihoo coming out of China:

Google Translated (In Chinese)

June 19, 2012

Qihoo 360 software crazy suction flow suspected hijack corporate users (See Google translation)

"Work, the speed of the company often during certain times suddenly become very slow, is to check the data or transfer files to encounter such a situation the most headaches. This is likely to absorb the flow of spoilers in the office network, with the frequency of such events, long-term with a variety of "back door" reputation Qihoo 360 enterprise software has become a suspected target. Some users said Qihoo 360 is crazy suction flow within the company, and held hostage by the installation of other software."
"After some internal investigation, the Manager Zhao found that many employees turn on the computer after the software Qihoo 360 random start, Qihoo 360 immediately became a total import and export of computer traffic, and a variety of software installation and use has been greatly affected, the large number of companies bandwidth usage. What is more, experts detected Qihoo 360 software to scan the employee's computer, data outflow serious suspects."

June 18, 2012

Qihoo 360 Zhou staged a modern version of "nail soup" fable
(The "Nail soup" fable is also known as "stone soup" in some cultures: See fable in wikipedia)

"Sweating profusely in the Zhou persuade other mobile phone manufacturers have a discerning eye that Zhou is being staged in the modern version of 'nail soup' fable."
 "Fu Sheng, CEO of Kingsoft Internet in his microblogging: a person to the village to tell everyone to do the nails of the most delicious soup, take the pot, boil water, he entered, and put a nail. Tasted, taste good, like add a little meat, so that we get meat. Took a lot of meat to put in here. Cooked, tasty, and his nail, grateful, giving him the largest share. Now think about it, the 360 ​​special for the machine would only nail?"
"Similarly, Zhou mouth has always been blasting the door does not accidentally once again revealing trade secrets: '360 In this process does not involve the production and manufacture of mobile phones, and even mobile phone sales mobile phone manufacturer or on its own or via electronic business platform direct sales to users, cell phone quality and after-sales, we do not take responsibility. '
 "At this point people have to understand, Zhou Hongyi, the so-called special for the machine, in fact, is a total fraud, deceived by the two: the first is a consumer, if you buy a so-called special for the machine, not only pay an extra part of the money out of , but their phones no sense of privacy. Manufacturers help Qihoo 360 made money, but no good, but to bear because of the 360 ​​problems that may arise. This is a modern version of 'nail soup' fable."

Qihoo 360 Zhou fight the flow of the the TCL blood?

With Huawei, TCL, the main models: Zhen Zhi S900. With the advent of the emasculated version of special for the machine, resulting in a huge impact on the original market of the S900. TCL are currently no announced the termination of cooperation with Qihoo 360, but the two results can be expected, first, if you continue to cooperate TCL to bear Qihoo 360 software to its own brand to bring great harm. If you do not continue to cooperate, TCL will inevitably Huawei Yu Chengdong, suffered a slap in the face of the Zhou.

Qihoo 360 "fraud" ripped off a fig leaf!

"Qihoo 360 attacks millet fighting people see have some fatigue, with the advent of the emasculated version of TCL Mobile, it has indicated are a farce from start to finish, but millet is unfortunately lying in the gun. See Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi every day from morning till night on the microblogging playing mouth job . G-spot ejaculate, arms foul language, throwing more and more of Zhou's mouth job, state of mind more and more dark, but always get rid of the essence, this is one has no prospects."
"However, with the exposure mode of the back door of the odd tiger 360, Huawei indefinitely bounced, Qihoo 360 mobile Internet strategy is not the first death, the Zhou heart into a great anxiety. Millet released the official replica of the time, and even stand-alone sales break 3 million units to come up with 70 million back when Zhou and navy echoed each other, wantonly declared millet is disguised price cuts, and let him drop the price. Nerve thick, it is amazing. However, it is only the microblogging mad is obviously not very interesting, zero-cost 360 odd tiger crazy suction gold nature gravedigger, Zhou's personal trust completely collapse, users of its qualitative lie speculation.
"In fact, the odd tiger 360 phone traffic chargeback model has been exposed in front of it is better to simply want to drop also ashamed of the fig leaf of a one-time ripped off, go directly to the Huaqiang North, looking for cooperation in the cottage on the line. Do not engage in some of the so-called marketing tool, others at ease the moment the product, if even one exists logic products, tactics have been useless, is the current focus of strategic adjustment. The flow is Qihoo 360 foothold in the capital would then lose the advantage Qihoo 360 really nothing to show for."

Microsoft's counter-attack: 360 fear of the odd tiger Pro disaster

"Qihoo 360 of the dream did not do for too long, Qihoo 360 software in the PC frontal battlefields, 360 browser not to be trusted to have been affected, but also suffered a strong challenge from Google Chrome and Jinshan cheetah. So Zhou eager to find the entrance to a mobile Internet."
"Zhou was afraid of being marginalized in the field of mobile Internet, but he was more worried about is that Qihoo 360 more worrying prospect on the PC side. If you encounter their own problems surfaced troubled competitors strangling is not too serious problem, then, Microsoft's upcoming Win8 allow Zhou to feel the fear of disaster.
"The reason is simple, Win8 Qihoo 360 is not compatible for the user, can only select the operating system."

Qihoo 360 deputy chief admitted that the prospects for the future mobile Internet era of fear of being marginalized

"Gradually clear set off a war of words, Qihoo 360 to do a special for the machine context, the most mainstream one views, Zhou cut the impulse of the mobile phone industry because of fear of being marginalized on the mobile Internet era."
"Qihoo 360 browser 360 sucked the lifeblood of gold, but in the PC frontal battlefields, 360 browser Qihoo 360 software is not to be trusted suffered to spread, but also suffered a strong challenge from Google Chrome and Jinshan cheetah. In the mobile Internet market, Qihoo 360 no realizable scale platform application, that is, until now Qihoo 360 can not find the business model of the mobile Internet era, the prospects precarious."

June 17, 2012

The life and death of site navigation worrying torture Qihoo 360 browser profit

"Browser navigation earnings outlook is bleak Qihoo 360 near January stock price continued to fall."

June 16, 2012

Qihoo 360 evolutionary trajectory

"Every time when Qihoo 360 to be forgotten, you immediately launch attacks on others. You are such long-term investment, the sleight of hand tricks to discredit the spirit of it is learning to provide the most vigorous case for today's Internet hype, we again applaud you!"
" Several years ago, 3721 has become a disaster of the Chinese users, 3721 will not forget that you personally do it right? After Qihoo 360 and 3721 common ancestry with the door, if there is no back door, why itools and so much software you scan and then assassinated? But you righteous rhetoric that these are false or eight times the court you are slandered, not to mention these things! Are tall figure suddenly all legal up, we see from you, the original law is false, such a great leader, does not work!"

June 15, 2012
Zhou vulnerability special letter to Ren Qihu 360 browser former drug sources?

"Before, Zhou claimed that Qihoo 360 browser just to collect the advertising fees, 360 of the browser's main source of income from the web games and online shopping, but with the exposure of more and more software to be Run out, and the special trust the security vulnerability was traced out Qihoo 360 browser earn advertising model there is a big doubt. 360 browser to a large extent, has become the source of the problem of security."

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Wiki vs. Wiki

China Wiki: "The odd Tiger (also known as 360 companies), push the 360 security series software, 360 security guards , 360 anti-virus and other. Products, though welcomed by the Chinese mainland part of the user, but also by a lot of criticism. Suspected to be implanted in the user software, the back door , made ​​of security and data leakage worries."

China Wiki Google Translated (In Chinese)

Compare to Qihoo 360 on English Wiki.

User backlash in regards to "Back Doors" in software

Chinese & Google Translated

Search Baidu news in chinese: "奇虎欺诈" or the same through Google Translator "Qihoo Fraud"

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