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Wacky Trading League

After ten years on various financial forums I think very few people deserve your attention when you seriously talk about stocks and finance. But it is very difficult to understand who they are and how they gain an edge over the other traders. Substantially, when you join a financial community you met a bunch of wannabes who think they are the next Gordon Gekko and, as in a hen house, they fight each other to become the dominant rooster.

So after a couple of years I decided, together with some friends met in these forums, to build something to make more clear who have an edge over the others. So I created this simulator. Not an original idea of course, but the idea behind it I think is a noble one.

We decided to propose it in a contest form because as I said we have to deal with roosters and nothing fits better to them. However for us, it has never been a matter of win or lose (also if we still maintain a goliardic and competitive spirit) but to look for consistency. Who is able to steadily gain and above all how he is able to do it.

Our final goal is to statistically analyze the data and find the strengths and flaws of various approaches to the market.

So, as we launch the facebook version of our competition we decide to try to involve new financial communities to our project. If you have a facebook account you can join us at

Well I think it is enough for the moment. Now let's talk more specifically about the competition.

The rules are the same of the previous editions:

You can't play with more than one nick, otherwise you will be disqualified.

(0) "Good faith clause": administrators will have the capability to sanction unethical behaviors having the intent to bypass the rules or the game spirit also if the specific case is not mentioned by the following rules.
So, every attempt to cheat will be sanctioned if it will be considered unethical also if there is no specific rule concerning that case.

(1) Starting capital is $100.000.

(2) You have a 100% margin account.

(3) You can't allocate more than 20% of your equity to a single stock.

(4) You can't buy a stock if its price is less than one dollar.

(5) You can't short a stock if its price is less than five dollars.

(6) It's not allowed to buy derivatives (warrant, options etc..). You can buy only US stocks and US quoted ETFs.

(7) If an administrator was involved in a dispute his situation would be evaluated by third part judges.

(8) Decisions deriving from (0) clause will become part of the rules in order to threat disputes in a coherent way.

(9) Since some administrators are part of the competition they could have some conflicts of interest. So, if you think an administrator have ruled  against you because of that you can ask to have a second opinion from third part judges.

(10) Other users portfolios and trades will be made public during the week-end.

(11) You can't have a contrary position on the same stock (long and short).

If you have any doubt regarding a trade you are prompted to ask about it before you do it in order to avoid disputes.
Since we had a lot of problems in 2006 we want to make clear that correctness is above everything and that we will do everything required
to maintain the game fair.

Good luck and have fun.