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News Flash: Boris Johnson Named British Foreign Secretary

Several financial journals have covered the ascension of Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary with keen interest, as part of their broader coverage of the events surrounding 'Brexit". Blooomberg and the Financial Times have covered the "changing of the guard" very carefully. Yahoo News covered the 8 things that you should know about the new Prime Minister. Fearing that Seeking Alpha was lagging behind this critical coverage, I feel compelled to fill that void.

The newly appointed Prime Minister has just announced that Boris Johnson will fill the role of Foreign Secretary. I cannot think of an indvidual more overqualified nor less suitable for this post. Apparently, the ninth thing that you should know about the Prime Minister is that she has a great sense of humor.

Heros like Mr. Johnson have been memorialized in ballad, ode and song. However, I am electing to honor Mr. Johnson with his favorite poetic device, the limerick:

"There once was a young Brit named Boris

Poking fun at the kibitzing POTUS

with lapsus linguae

and wit will he stay

those annoying Ami's who bore us"

Please note the absence of any references to goats in the limerick, respecting the clean, family format of Seeking Alpha. Indeed, had the coup in Turkey gone in a different direction, the goat reference may have taken on an entirely new meaning.

On final note on parallel coverage in another publication (The Financial Times): I inferred from their editorial page that they were suggesting that Mr. Johnson "practice" diplomacy in Bermuda before he "does it for real". While this was a very insightful suggestion on their part, I must point out that they omitted the two most critical reasons for this step. First, the UK is already a bit upset with Bermuda for leaving and this represents delicious payback. Also, unlike some diplomacy partners, they do not have nuclear weapons with which to retaliate.

That is about it here from the back lines.

The Owl.