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|Includes: SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

SEFE was started in 2008 and is based in Colorado. This company is not an alternative energy source, but works to create green source of renewable energy. Alternative energy sources require some type of energy (ex. wind farms or solar arrays), what SEFE does is utilizes static electricity that's naturally occurring in our atmosphere. This results in renewable energy that is green and also carbon-free. SEFE wants to pair up with electricity production technologies (nuclear, fossil, and renewable) and be able to offer energy that is revolutionary. Fossil fuels are limited. Static electricity is everywhere.

During 2009, a prototype was developed to test the functionality of capturing and converting energy from the atmosphere. During this phase, the SEFE found that atmospheric electricity holds relatively constant, with no great fluctuations. Subsequently, the proper paperwork was filed for an Atmospheric Static Electricity Generator and also Atmospheric Electrical Generator with Change of State to be patented.

As SEFE continued doing there research, they tested a second-generation prototype in 2010. This research continued into 2011 when there tests concluded that the proper wattage could be obtained at low altitudes and in different weather conditions. This proved the idea that the technology could have real world application. Twenty-five applications in various stages were submitted for patent applications.

In 2012, a Dynamic Electrical Converter System, an Atmospheric Static Electricity Collector and Atmospheric Electric Generator with Change of State Field detection system were awarded patents. The company is currently field testing modifications to its energy collection system.

SEFE is currently trading for $.11. The high for the day was at $.14 which the graph reflects. The previous close was $0.105. The 52 week range was from $.10 up to $2.96. SEFE reached its peak at the end of April and has been on the decline ever since. The company's market cap is at $5.80M.

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