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Immunovative Inc. (OTCQB:IMUN) was granted a worldwide license to commercialize any products under Immunovative Therapies, LTD(ITL). ITL was founded in 2004, is ran by a private Israeli bio-pharmaceutical company based in Jerusalem, Israel. This company uses parts of our immune systems to fight diseases. A leading disease is cancer. Cancer strikes nearly one in two men and more than one in three women. IMUN achieves this goal by stimulating our own immune systems which in turn makes them work harder against cancer cells or by supplementing the system with man made proteins. The immune systems has shown that it can slow the growth of tumors. There are many new forms of Immunotherapy being tested, but there is a lot of research that still has to be analyzed before the findings are made public. Immunotherapy works together with or will replace current treatment methods (surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.)

IMUN calls there technology the mirror effect. With this technology, T-cells are taken from a donor and are infused into a patient that in turn stimulate the patients own immune system and then they attack the cancer. This is achieved because the patients system is affected by the infusion process, so the body raises its defense mechanisms to reject the foreign cells. The interaction between the patient and donor cells triggers the release of cytokines (secreted by specific cells of the immune system which carry signals between cells, and have an effect on other cells). This does not allow the tumor to attack the immune system and allow the immune system to kill the tumors without any toxicity.

The stock is currently trading for $.165. The previous close was for $.155. The 52 week range was from $.09 up to $.32. The market cap is at $46.60M. IMUN was said to be in the top 5 stocks for the week of November 26.

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