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Pub Crawl Holdings Blog

|Includes: Excelsis Investments Inc. (EXSL)

Pub Crawl Holdings Inc (PBCW), is a company in California that is internet based. This company organizes bar crawls as well as alerts people of daily specials. The company has been doing this since 2009, but recently started helping people organize pub crawls. The pub crawls are in Pacific and Mission Beach. There goal is to help people find good deals in the area and to help them have a great night out on the town. Originally started to be informational for happy hours and specials, things changed once people started requesting them to set up pub crawls. On there website ( you can find out the best deals and also receive coupons for deals and even some free stuff. You can also find out where a great place to go to for a game of pool or karaoke is.

PBCW is currently trading for $.163, up $+0.11. So its been a great day for this company. Can they maintain this great margin? The 52 week range is $.05 to $.18, so they may set a new mark on today's market. The company's market cap is $13.28M. The previous close was $.05.

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Peter J. Kremer