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Vega Biofuels Inc.

|Includes: Vega Biofuels, Inc. (VGPR)

Vega BioFuels

Vega Biofuels (OTCPK:VGPR), formerly went by Vega Promotional Systems, Inc. until July 2010. VGPR is building a plant that manufactures biocoal that comes from timber waste. The waste essentially is turned into a thermally treated powder, and then into briquettes. This will be done through a process known as torrefaction. Torrefaction treats the biomass at very high temperatures with very low oxygen. Biomass is a renewable energy source.

In a lumberyard, eighty percent of the resulting saw dust cannot be used, this company can use this product in making biocoal using this torrefaction process. Torrefaction also reduces or eliminates harsh volatiles like nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide. By using the biocoal, we are saving the environment due to the fact that burning this does not pollute the environment unlike oil and coal. The biocoal is also cheaper than the price of regular coal.

On December 21, 2012, VGPR stated that it would start sending out samples in January to European Companies for them to try out. Europe has the largest regional energy market and it accounts for 1/5 of energy used by the world.

VGPR is currently trading for $.0011. Over the last 52 weeks the company has seen a low stock trade of $0.0004, and a high of $.035. The company's previous close was for $.0009. The market cap for this company is $96,500.00.

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