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Clean Coal Technologies Blog

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Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:CCTC), is based in NY and formerly went by Riverside Information Technologies until October 2007. CCTC has patent pending technologies for converting coal in to a cleaner and more efficient fuel source. The company's process allows lower grade coals to be upgraded to a higher grade and the pollutants are reduced more efficient and more cost effective than the untreated. The products that Clean Coal has trademarked are Pristine and Pristine M.

In 2010, Clean Coal Technologies saw that the fastest way to market the products were through the Asian market. Coal has a risk of spontaneous combustion thus making it unsafe to transport. Pristine M is a process that it makes the coal safer to transport and dry coal reabsorbs moisture quickly and this process takes care of that problem. To take care of the reabsorption of moisture, a Vapor Phase Deposition is used by increasing the calorific content.

To date, CCTC along with Archean Group is working on building a pilot plant to be tested in Oklahoma. The pilot plant is to be commissioned in early 2013 and marketing this technology will begin with Good Coal Pte, a partner of the Archean Group. The marketing will mainly take place in Asia.

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