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|Includes:, Inc. (FIND) (OTCPK:FIND), formerly went by EJH Entertainment Inc. until April 1999 and is based in Elkhorn, Nebraska. The company was started in 1997. FIND is a creator, publisher, and distributor of organizational software products. The products are primarily for people of the religion Christianity and faith based inspirational values. This company wants to become the top supplier of Bible study and such software products. QuickVerse which is used for biblical research was created by the company. It was sold during 2011. is an internet site that is owned by, Inc that was bought in 2008. It is a retail and Internet supplier of software products to businesses and to individuals. offers a guarantee that you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund. FormTool has a two language program for learning the different languages.

Currently FIND is trading for $.0128. Over the past 52 weeks, this stock has seen a low trade of $.0009 and a high of $.015. The market cap for this company is $858,000. The previous close was for$.0068.

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