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Nuvilex, Inc. (NVLX), was formerly, Inc until March of 2009. This company is independently operated along with it wholly owned subsidiaries and makes products to improve your health. Numilex makes Cinnergen, Cennechol, Infinitink, and Talysn Scar Cream.

This company was also researching and developing the product Oraphyte which is used on crops and turf grass, and is biodegradable nematocide as well as the product Citroxin which is a surface cleaner and is patented.

Cinnechol is a supplement to help with cholesterol and to help maintain it. This product is all natural and gluten free. The product Cinnergen is a liquid supplement that helps the body to produce glucose and may also help the body to reduce glucose absorption in the intestine and may also prevent diabetes type 1 and 2.

Infinitink is the only product like this on the market and is a permanent tattoo ink like any other, but can be more easily removed if needed through fewer laser treatments. The average to remove the ink was 2 treatments.

Oraphyte damages the skin of a nematode which in turn disrupts its immune system and naturally the environment kills it.

Talysn Scar Cream is a product that help promote healing in the body and help with the appearance of scars. In about 2-4 weeks you should be able to see results in your scar.

NVLX is currently trading for $.15. Over the past 52 weeks, this stock has seen a low trade of $.019 and a high of up to $.22. The high trade for the day is at $.18, so it just needs a little push to top that 52 week high. The previous close was $.1775. The market cap for this company is $66.84M.

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