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Quick Survey on Crisis Management 'Level of Preparedness'

Results of detailed research conducted in recent years demonstrate that the majority of groups and organisations that experience a severe crisis face failure within the next two years.  We have a few questions to ask so that we may serve you and the global ATCA 5000, The Philanthropia 1000 and HQR communities better in the future.  

A.  Has your core group and organisation defined and communicated precisely what constitutes a crisis?

B.  Is there a formal Crisis Management Team?

C.  Can you identify the team leader? The key members?

D.  Do you know what the team is expected to do in the event of a crisis?

E.  Are there documented activation and assessment plans?

F.  Has the team ever conducted a crisis simulation exercise?

G.  Does the team have clearly identified lines of communication and command with interconnections to your lines of management?
H.  Are you a member of the Crisis Management Team?

I.  Which of the following types of crises fall within your core group's consideration:

. Reputation risk, brand value, stock and asset price volatility, and market rumour;
. Stakeholder relations: workforce-management, confrontation and investor relations;
. Accidents, calamities, large scale damage and natural disasters;
. Criminal acts and malevolence;
. Financial problems and organisational misdeeds;
. Market changes, competitive challenges, mergers and acquisitions;
. Geo-political developments and sovereign risk;
. Internal problems, workplace disturbance, violence and social unrest;
. Management problems including human breakdown, skewed values, deception and misconduct;
. Problems with product, process or production;
. Rules, regulators and rating agencies;
. Technological metamorphosis and technical breakdowns;
. Asymmetric threats, black swan(s), low probability high impact risks; and
. Collapse of trust and systemic risk.

J.  Have you and your colleagues found the recent briefings to be of interest:

.  What is The Role of Confidence in Crisis Management? 10 Key Questions For Leadership
.  What is the Key to Survival in a Constantly Changing Environment?
.  Crisis Simulation: Cyber Shockwave Reveals Unsettling Answers
.  How Can Leadership Strengthen Crisis Management? Survival Guide For The 21st Century
.  What Undermines Global Leadership Suddenly? Real Crisis Management Lessons from Toyota

K.  Did you see any interconnections between the recent briefings?  

L.  What is missing in our presentation and analysis?

M.  What can we do to improve the quality of our briefings?

N.  Are there any experts within your organisation or personal network who would benefit from our briefings who you would like to recommend to the restricted list(s)?

O.  Any further thoughts, observations and views?

We value your feedback.  Thank you.

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