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My Top 10 Dividend Growth Stocks On The Watch List.

|Includes: CBRL, Ensco PLC (ESV), OKE, OMC, TGT, TUP

I'm looking to buy these stocks soon. These stocks are specifically slated to go into my Taxable account. I will be adding one to two of this each week over course of the next ten weeks.

I already own 28 positions in this account, but need to replace a few of them to reduce my non-qualified dividends.

I have culled these stocks from the CCC list. I mainly am looking for stocks that will produce a better than a 10% dividend at the end of a 10 year period. The 10 year divies are based on an initial investment of $5000.

The DGR is not necessarily based on a 5 year period. I analyze the 1, 3, 5 year DGR's and determine which one I believe represents the most reasonable rate going forward. For example, if the 5yr DGR is 25% and the 1 year DGR is 10% I may use the 1 yr DGR to be conservative. Also, I use at least two sources to compute the DGR. I don't take reported DGR's for granted and neither should you!

Symbol YLD DGR 10 yrs Divies End YOC
ESV 5.63% 25.0% $9,359 41.90%
CBRL 3.95% 25.0% $6,759 30.90%
TUP 3.28% 24.5% $5,183 22.70%
OKE 3.19% 20.4% $4,246 17.00%
OMC 2.40% 20.0% $3,688 14.70%
HMN 3.04% 18.0% $3,574 13.50%
PFG 2.60% 20.0% $3,369 13.40%
LMT 3.24% 16.0% $3,457 12.30%
WEC 3.46% 14.7% $3,462 11.90%

Disclosure: The author is long ESV, CBRL, TGT, WEC.