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Synthesis Energy Systems Inc: China's 'White Knight' In The Realm Of Dirty Coal.

|Includes: Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SES)

So I'm following up my previous Instablog with a hypothetical situation. It is not entirely without merit. SYMX has recently announced** that its "XL3000 product offering provides higher syngas capacity and delivery pressure with lower specific capital costs". It will reportedly boost capacity 250%.

Couple this development with the fact that China has reached a deal with the U.S. on climate controls* and the scenario I alluded to in my previous Instablog seems plausible. I've been tuned-in to Synthesis Energy Systems for years. I am also a stockholder in the company. I have done my homework and the idea of crossing vast oceans in torrential storms with SYMX doesn't phase me at all.

Imagine a scenario that finds SYMX as a partner with China in their very real need to eliminate 'dirty coal'. Couldn't that send them into the arms of a company that can take all the coal in China and use it to create clean energy? A company that has a viable, proven operation already in place there. They also have a 20 year license to operate in China locked in already.

Sweeten the deal with the possibility of a 250% capacity increase and we may see plants running SYMX technology throughout China. Should that occur there are multiple countries already intending to use SYMX technology (see my previous Instablog). Anyone here care to chime in with what THAT would do for SYMX shares?



Disclosure: The author is long SYMX.

Additional disclosure: I have owned SYMX for years and look forward to it's upward mobility