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2011 And 2012 Trading Results

Following are trading results for articles published on Seeking Alpha. Results are calculated based on the closing price the day before the article was published, and shareprice gain following publication.

2011 trading results

IsoRay: 413%

VHC: 234%

Oculus: 163%.

Exar: 141%.

Kodak: 100%.

Average gain for all 2011 trades: 210%

2012 trading results

Neuralstem: 515% gain.

MusclePharm: 255% gain.

Opko: 208% gain.

MGT: 155% gain.

Internet Patent Group: 150% gain

ChromaDex: 142% gain.

Vringo: 65% gain.

Document Security Systems: 54% gain.

Average gain for all 2012 trades: 193%

All trades can be validated by confirming the publication date of each analysis on Seeking Alpha, which you can do by going here, and comparing the closing price the day before publication with the resulting peak price following publication.