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Jan. 06, 2016 10:44 AM ET
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For the past 30 years, I have been involved in startups, as a founder, and active investor. My first company was purchased by Johnson & Johnson, which set the foundation for future investments. By focusing on startups I learned the advantage of investing in promising companies before they became household names. My interest in startups has never waned, and has become my primary focus today.

Following are results for all trades published on Seeking Alpha since I began in 2011 until December 31, 2016. Results can be validated by confirming the publication date of each analysis on Seeking Alpha, which you can do by going here, and here, then comparing the closing price the day before publication with the gain following publication.

In 2016 I began including results from Tweets and the Trading Network.


IsoRay: 413% gain.

VirnetX: 234% gain.

Oculus: 163% gain.

Exar: 141% gain.

Kodak: 100% gain.

Average gain for 2011: 210%


Neuralstem: 515% gain.

MusclePharm: 255% gain.

Opko: 208% gain.

MGT: 155% gain.

Internet Patent Group: 150% gain.

ChromaDex: 142% gain.

Vringo: 65% gain.

Document Security Systems: 54% gain.

Average gain for 2012: 193%


22nd Century: 487% gain.

Marathon: 200% gain.

Senesco: 133% gain.​​

BioZone: 97% gain.

MedBox: 84% gain.

Oculus: 68% gain.

Pershing: 12% gain.

Average gain for 2013: 154%


Finjan: 66% gain.

Cynapsus: 58% gain.

uSell: 26% gain.

Drone Aviation: 15% gain.

Average gain for 2014: 41%


GTX Corp.: 36% gain.

Chanticleer: 84% gain.

MabVax: 21% gain.

Telesta: 150% gain.

Average gain for 2015: 72%


Amedica: 114% gain.

New Age Beverage: 700% gain.

Cynapsus: 268% gain.

Marathon: 94% gain.

VirnetX common stock: 142% gain.

IntellaPharma: 127% gain.

Catasys: Trading Network: 416% gain.

Acacia: Trading Network: 46% gain.

VirnetX calls: 246% gain.

Titan pharmaceuticals: 221% gain.

Aeropostle calls: $.05 to $.10. 100% gain.

Average gain for 2016: 224.%


2011 average gain: 210%

2012 average gain: 193%

2013 average gain: 154%

2014 average gain: 41%

2015 average gain: 72%

2016 average gain: 224%

Average gain for all analyses: 149%

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