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2016 Has Been Profitable

It's been a good year, with my only bad call being Acacia, going long at $6, with it now trading in the low to mid $5 range. I bought more at $4, so I should make money, but it hasn't been a great trade.

Other trades include LC recently rising from $3.50 to over $5. I like this trade but I did get in too early.

I've been in and out of CYNA numerous times, all profitably, and will continue to trade if opportunity is presented.

I also continue to profitably trade Bidu options, it's a great vehicle, with too much volatility for such a solid company.

I missed IPI, by bidding just under $.68, right before it went from $.68 to $1.62. It was ultra-cheap at $.68, but I try to get it cheaper, not always the best strategy.

I'm up 5X to 10X in a couple of other companies that I've been holding for over a year. I don't usually like to hold this long, but in these cases the opportunities warranted longer hold times.

And let's not forget VirnetX which went from $2 to $10, and Marathon which went from $1.29 in January to $2.82 last Friday.