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GW Pharma Demonstrates Cannabis Efficacy In Treating Cancer

I wasn't surprised that cannabis has proven effective in treating epilepsy, but today's announcement by GW Pharmaceuticals was a bit of a shocker. The company's study showed that cannabis treated patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM), had an 83% one year survival rate compared with the 53% seen in placebo dose patients. GBM is a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer with a poor prognosis.

What's important about this study is that it adds a new level of legitimacy to medical cannabis use, and should solidify the worldwide legalization process that is currently underway. This data will also make it more difficult for governments to justify limiting cannabis development.

I'm working on a cannabis trade that could provide a 2X to 4X return, and hope to have something out within the next few weeks.

Congratulations to all NBEV investors, the stock hit 17X territory again yesterday, rising from $.30 to $5.10.

Catasys is also doing well, rising to $1.36 today, well up from my $.30 original position.

I am bailing on an FDA trade I've been analyzing for the last 6 months, management and major investors won't talk to me, which is often a red flag.