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It Looks Like Apple Wants To Settle With Virnetx

|Includes: VirnetX Holding Corporation (VHC)

Here is an interesting video featuring Tim Cook, speaking about the current patent wars.

Just scroll down to the patent war video.

First off, Cook states that all he wants is fair and reasonable royalty rates, and then he goes on to say: "If we can find a way to settle this."

After watching the video, I reached the following conclusions:

One: Tim Cook realizes Apple is infringing on Virnetx patents.

Two: He is willing to pay fair and reasonable royalty rates.

Three: He would like to settle.

We know Apple and Virnetx are in settlement negotiations right now, and it appears that Virnetx is holding firm with the companies established royalty rates, and Apple is trying to get a lower rate. That's all part of a normal negotiation process, and I expect Virnetx will ultimately prevail.

I don't expect Apple to go to trial. I think the company realizes it's vulnerable position and will settle sometime between now and the court date. Or, as I stated before, Apple may buy Virnetx.

I do not agree with Cowen, who believes that there will only be one settlement between now and the court date. I expect more than one settlement before the trial, if there even is a trial. If Apple settles before the trial, I believe all the other defendants will settle promptly.

Disclosure: I am long VHC.