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Gold. The Bull Is Dead. Long Live The Bear?

After gold had have a really breathtaking 23% plunge in Q2 there are more and more voices that bull market is dead. Personally, I prefer long-term trends for trading and of course, having minus 26% YTD more than worth very careful consideration whether the bull market is really dead.

Let's start with technical analysis. It allows very quickly evaluate what is actually go on. Fundamental factors I will cover in the next piece.

Below you can find a Gold yearly chart. We have 12 years of rising prices. Yes, in 2012 we have not had new historical intraday maximum, but we got a new maximum close. This year looks like we will receive the first down year measured on a close to close basis.

On the chart you can see a rising channel from 1970 year and Fibonacci retracements from 2001-2011 movement. 50% level retracement currently very close to upper border of ascending channel. Therefore I believe that the most probable target of downside movement should be around $1086, but a spike to $889 (61.8% Fibo level) cannot be ruled out.

Source: Reuters

So, in my opinion, we currently have only correction, albeit a major one, and it is not the end of bull market. Everyone who has some trading experience knows that before major movement "weak hands" should be cleaned out. The bad news is that this correction in the worst case can take 2 more years.

Concerning recommendations what to do right now, I think it depends from the type of gold you are investing. If physical gold, then I think you can already cautiously start buying or adding to your positions. If ETF then I would wait for levels around $1100 and futures I will consider for buying only if and when the price drops to $900.

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Additional disclosure: I am long non US Gold ETF.