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ING is In..........

ING has improved. I am of the opinion this stock is a buy, and I will be adding this to my portfolio.

I am inclined to acquire European banks before I consider U.S bank shares. My reason is that I feel that the U.S. bank shares have shown signs of recovery but are vulnerable to 'special' assets' that are not reported on the balance sheet. It is these assets that will continue to hold the market back. The U.S housing market is a different animal compared to Europe. Real Estate does not appreciate as quickly as, say for instance, the U.K. There just isn't the demand vs supply. In any case, real estate is still being foreclosed upon in record numbers and until this is placed under control, there isn't a GSE vehicle to purchase the new loans from the banks. FRE and FNM are still woefully bogged down with bad debts, and it appears they will be seeking further assistance.

In view of this, I feel that value is still available in LYG, and ING. These two institutions have seen their bottom price, and show signs of recovery. In addition, the sectors are changing, and financials are rising. This is a sign that the bull market is underway. The trend is displaying signs that both LYG and ING are bullish, and that is being confirmed by more analysts upgrading them to buy.

This downturn affected all companies, and one must look to the future, rather than looking at the past when choosing an equity. These have good book value, revenue, and future growth potential once the impairments are ironed out. 
Which is why I am going long with these equities. There will be some volatility as existing shareholders offload their holding to lock in some profit, from the rights issue, for instance. For this decade, these should provide strong double digit annualised growth.