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About the Euro dollar

Euro coinOne of the things that irritates me continuously when I read articles in the financial press, financial websites and blogs is the use of the term "Euro dollar".

You might wonder why I get totally frustrated when one uses such a common term.

Well, give me just 20 more lines of text and I'll explain you why !

People using this term have a few things in common:
  • They are citizens of the USA.
  • Have never ever visited Europe
  • They irritate me
The common currency of 16 countries in Europe is called "The EURO"
You might have noticed there is no "dollar" to be found between the quotes.
You could also have a look at the Euro coin picture above.  It mentions "1 Euro" not "1 Euro dollar" !

Europe and the USA are located on separate continents, separated by a huge ocean, so you should not mix up the two currencies when talking about one of them.  So terms like "Euro dollar" or Dollar Euro" are completely ridiculous.

By the way, the currency in Japan is called "Yen" and you should not call it "Yen dollar" either.  But perhaps that was already clear !

Well, that was it for now.  Frustration vented and gone it is !

So from now on people .... say it out loud ... "EURO" ... period.
(the "period" is quotation mark, so don't you start calling the currency "Euro period" now !)


PS: perhaps I should talk about the currency cross EURUSD used in the forex market ??? .... naah ... that would confuse people even more.