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Stock Picks, 11-11

|Includes: CTRP, GMXRQ, MFA, True Religion Apparel, Inc. (TRLG)

GMX Resources broke out earlier this week, and is continuing its steady ride upward. Despite this nice run-up, I'm not looking to sell anytime soon. MFA is also doing well, but I'm wary of how long it will last, as it is technically quite expensive. I'm looking to hold MFA until it revisits multi-year highs around 10. In the meantime, I'm doing some stock-picking with the little cash I have left over. I picked up [CTRP] during the day yesterday on a technical tip-off. It's a high-flying growth stock, and I have no intention of holding it for more than a few weeks. It had recently fallen 10%, and I'm looking for it to revisit recent highs around 52, at which point I'll sell. Once I've sold CTRP, I'm looking back into TRLG. This spring I came across it as a possible play. It seems to trade in very wide and long-term swings, and it has been growing pretty consistently for the last 5 years. With low debt and a forward P/E of 9.2, it looks like a solid, attractively priced play. I'm looking for a drop back down to support just below 18 as a buy point. The earnings multiple is 18 points below the 3-year average revenue growth. This suggests that the stock could triple in price if the current revenue growth were projected to continue. EPS growth is projected to slow down a bit over the next few years, and I think this is priced in to an extent. However, I think a price target of 30 isn't unreasonable. Let's just see that final drop down.

Disclosure: Long GMXR, MFA