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Portfolio Update, 2-20

My portfolio ended its slide today due to my sale of GMX Resources. It hit my stop this week, and I sold. In my actual portfolio, I'm keeping that cash. The market is very overbought, and I couldn't find somewhere I wanted to buy. GMX Resources is not a great company, and I'm not getting back into it anytime soon after the recent share issuance. In the model portfolio, I used this cash to enter hedges against the overall market. I saw a great opportunity to short the market this week as it is the most overbought it has been in over a year according to many of the oscillators. I bought 610 shares of SPXU and then 200 shares of SH, effectively hedging over half of my long equity holdings.
Here are the current holdings:
Total Account Value: $124,691.84
Cash: $26,005.14
NRG: 680 shares
NCI: 3,000 shares
ABV: 500 shares
TRLG: 1,000 shares
SH: 200 shares
SPXU: 610 shares