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2011 Performance Review

My performance this year was awful. The only bright spot was total trading, which was way down. In all other areas I underperformed and lost out. My portfolio lost nearly a quarter of its value this year, even as the market stayed flat. This was mainly because I tried to time the market and failed. My average losses reflected this fact in that my average loss on positions held for two weeks or less was 16% greater than the average loss on positions held for less than one month. Nearly all of the positions I closed this year lost money. This represents a fundamental flaw in my approach: I have been too aggressive and I have not taken the time to learn about my companies. Going forward, this is an issue that I must address.The only bright spot (I guess) was the amount of trading I did. I executed 35 trades in 2011, down from over 100 in 2010. My average holding period also increased from 26 to 57 days, although this fails to acknowledge positions I still hold (which would increase the value for 2011). A large percentage of my poor performance was contributed by the third quarter, when I tried to time the market numerous times, only to fail.

Going forward, I plan to protect myself from myself by letting my portfolio rest. I have increased my bond exposure by 10%, moving into a high yield fund. I like my holdings, and I need to be more patient.