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Stock Picks, 4-19

|Includes: Orient Paper Inc. (ONP), POT

 Well I got stopped out of ONP today. It hit my stop and it sold, then it proceed to go back up. Oh well, the stop was there to cut my losses, and it did just that. Also, ONP appears to be trending lower. I'll continue to watch it and if it bottoms out then I might re-enter a position, but for now I'm sitting out. POT fell further today. It fell back to support and then came up in afternoon trading. I bought on what turned out to be a head fake a couple weeks ago, but now it looks like it's bottomed for sure. If it breaks below the support then I'm not buying more, but I'm probably going to expand my positions tomorrow. It looks poised to go up about 18% if it doesn't break through the support level.

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Disclosure: Long POT