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Market Tracker, 5-24

|Includes: DIA, IWM, Life Partners Holdings Inc (LPHI), SPY, UPRO

      Today the market went down, which wasn't surprising considering the surrounding conditions. If we look back to the 2nd week of February when the last up segment started we practically the exact same thing as Friday and today. Establishment of a new low [2/5, and Friday], and strong push up from that low on very high volume across all 3 major indices [Russell 2000, Dow Jones, & S&P 500]. Then the next day [2/6 and today] we saw a higher low and higher high [except no higher high today on the Russell]. Also, this day ends as a down day, but on very low volume. At this point, the market looks like it will continue this pattern for the remainder of this week. It will continue to slowly trend higher before there is a breakaway gap after a few days of chopping slowly up. This pattern has the market moving slowly upward for the remainder of this week and breaking out upward at the very end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Disclosure: Long UPRO, LPHI