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Computer Gold Recyling | Gold from Computers


The computer is disassembled; parts coated with gold, boards and CPUs are put aside.
Boards, gold coated parts and CPUs are broken into smaller parts (by app. 1mm diameter) in the breaker.
Plastic parts are separated from the metal parts as much as possible by blowing air.
Parts coated with gold and other precious metals are taken away.
Here there are 2 methods to start with:
  • All parts are melted; the cinder (material which is not melted) is taken away, the burning material is separated by burning it. The remaining melted metal is poured into water and becomes small shots. ( this is the best process as it only contains metal alloys)
  • The remaining metal parts are processed along with the included dirt.
Starting the chemical process:
2 methods can be used in this stage.
  • Metal parts are put directly into H2SO4 leach tank. Copper is dissolved in sulphuric acid and becomes copper sulphate, and the part which contains precious metals is remained. Copper sulphate is crystallized and a pesticide called bluestone is obtained. Or metallic copper is obtained using iron anelectrodes without having it crystallized.
  • Metal parts are separated on copper cathode in electrolysis tank after electrolysis process; the remaining part is called anelectrode mud and it contains the valuable material. The copper electrolyte is used as copper.
At the end of both methods, the remaining part containing precious metals is first put into reaction with HNO3 in the refining machine to take away silver and palladium, then the remaining part is put into reaction with a mixture of HNO3 and HCl to recycle gold and platinum.

List of necessary equipment:
Leach tank or electrolysis system
Refining machine
Air compressor
Melting oven

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