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Sample from yesterday's

Now folks you all know i DONt short stocks

However I may an ass but im not an IDIOT

The 10 year is 2.822 and the market is NOT only not rolled over and is 10 S&P points higher than last friday but many sectors like health care and defensives are hanging tough

Do u really think many "weak" short sellers arent frustrated now that we havent seen a rollover yet and we should be lower than 1110 on the S&P

Like it or not the"powers that be" will push this market higher in the next few weeks

Call it my"instinct"

Find some good undervalued "longs" ( you all seen what i bought today)

and wait for the news to turn positive

The media is in the tank for this adminstration and congress ,the news will turn good

And those who bought today will profit