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All my stocks are gonna go big!

|Includes: BEE, Emerson Electric Co. (EMR), F, GD, UQM

Okay, so i have wanted to invest in the stock market for many years.  After reading J Cramers book getting back to even the flames of financial freedom were stocked.  I'm ready to take control of my finances and make some big money.  So after convincing the love of my life to let me have some cash to play with...(I mean invest with)...I started on the path of big money, well not exactly.  I opened up an account with a big brokerage who gave me free trading for a month, but i was not qualified for option trading which I really wanted to try my hand at, so I bought my first stock which was Ford.  i have been watching Ford go from $6.00 to $14.00 so I bought with a fury @ $14 and some change and the craziest thing happened, my stock plummeted the very next day.  I was shocked but not defeated, so i had to make another move and bought EMR.  I did my research and conclude this is a strong company with a good dividend.  And guess what happened?  The next day it dropped $2.00 and the flames of financial freedom were drowning.  So i contacted my brokerage and asked why I couldn't trade options and was told my lack of experience in the market and had to fill out some paperwork and basically lie about my trading experience and maybe i would get approved.  So back to the stocks I go and I buy Dish and guess what?  it actually went up a bit the next day and big daddy is back with a fury.  Well to make a long story short, I finally got approved for options, but did not have enough cash, so I continued on the spending spree of buying stocks based upon others recommendations and each one has immediately gone down the next day.  My latest is UQM I watched it take a beaten yesterday bought today and lost 15 cents a share by end of day.  All i can say is that I'm down about $400.00 in less than a month and that I'm learning tons.  I'm either gonna hate this trading thing or love it.  In the mean time I have not told my sugar momma how much money I have lost and I'm gonna be holding on to my stocks for a while.  So if you feel sorry for me please buy some of my stocks so they will go up in price and I can feel like a winner!

Disclosure: long on all positions